Frequently Asked Questions

As I’m notoriously terrible at responding to questions and comments on social media, take a look here if there’s something you want to know. You might just get lucky.
Do you record audiobooks?

I do! (In fact, my audiobook for The Last Smile in Sunder City was nominated for Best Fantasy at the Audie Awards). Mostly I just do my own novels which can be found wherever you usually get your audiobooks. I have also read two audible originals Still House and One Chance, if you’re looking for something different.

Will there be another Fetch Phillips adventure?

Even though there are currently only three Sunder City novels available, this series was never intended to be a trilogy. In many ways, we are just getting started. So hang tight, and subscribe to the mailing list to keep updated when I’m ready to say more.

Can I send you my book to read on the First Page Pajama Party?

Yes! If it’s a published book that’s available in print, feel free to send a copy to:

Luke Arnold
PO BOX 4144
Keilor Downs
VIC 3038

I’ll make no guarantees but I promise I’ll do my best to get to it.

Can I send you my script/manuscript to read?

Thank you but no thank you. If you taken a look around this website, you might have noticed that I keep myself pretty busy. I’ll rather flat out working on my own creative endeavours so I’m sorry that I don’t currently have space to help anyone else with theirs.

Any unsolicited works not sent through my agents will most likely be discarded.

How do I know when you’re releasing a new project?

I have been historically terrible with updating my newsletter but I intend to turn that all around from here on out. Sign up here, and you’ll get an email whenever I’m ready to share something new, whether it be a notable acting role, a new book, or one of the many other projects coming through the pipeline.

Can I get a shout out/cameo/message for my friend?

Personally, I hope that my creative offerings are of more value to you than a birthday shout out or whatever you might want to ask for. I also find those things kind of anxiety-inducing and when I have done them, they eat up more of my time than you would expect. So no, I really don’t respond to those kind of requests and prioritise my creative time instead. I hope you can take comfort in the fact that instead of some awkward little video, that time will instead be used to make a future project as good as it can be. Thanks though. And Happy Birthday to all of you. Just come back and read that on the appropriate date if need be.

Why haven’t you responded to my letter/DM/email???

I’m so sorry, but please know that it isn’t because I don’t care. I do! So much so, that writing a simple response will eat more time and focus than you might imagine. Similar to what I said in the question above, I have to make an executive decision about how best to use my time if I want to keep producing work, let alone be a decent human being to myself and those around me. There is so much I want to do, and I don’t have the ability to just fire back heat felt or witty responses without rewriting them a hundred times and then stressing over how they might be receives as soon as they are sent. Sometimes they catch me on a good day and somebody gets lucky, but mostly I must preserve my little world where I have enough self-belief and optimism to tinker away at my various projects until they are ready to be seen. Just know your kind words are always appreciated. I thank you whole heartedly if you sent them and apologise profusely if I failed to return the favour.