One Foot in the Fade, by Luke Arnold, book cover

One Foot in the Fade


In a city that lost its magic, an angel plummets to his death on a downtown street.

The mystery will set Fetch – in his quest to bring magic back to his beloved city – on a journey involving necromancers, genies and shadowy secret societies. Fetch will search Sunder’s wildest forests and dingiest dive bars for the answer, and when he finds it, nothing will ever be the same again.


“While many others have tried to wed hard-boiled narration with a supernatural plot, few have been as successful.”

Publisher’s Weekly

"Loaded with complex characters and powerful settings, this latest story was particularly captivating, and I think that One Foot in the Fade is probably Arnold’s best novel yet.”

Unseen Library

“Now, with book three, One Foot in the Fade, I can safely say this is a series that has cemented itself as some of the best urban fantasy detective literature out there.”

A M Gibson

“A must-read.”

A Cat, a Book, and a Cup of Tea