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This is the official site of Luke Arnold: actor, author, film maker and silk-encrusted TikToker.

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The First Page Pajama Party

Luke has a Tiktok where he reads the first page of different books in his pajamas… for reasons that nobody has quite ascertained.


Gutterpunks is a collaboration with BAFTA-winning actress and producer Sophie Kennedy Clark. Shot by the renowned cinematographer Gary Shaw (Moon, Mute) and with an original song by KT Tunstall, it is a glitter-filled story of a two young women helping each other to find their voice.

Level Up Lance

When Luke and his brother George found out that their uncle Lance had become a gamer, they couldn’t resist sitting him down to get his take on what it’s like to start playing games in your 60s.

Luke's Bio

Luke Arnold is the award-winning actor from projects such as Black Sails, Glitch and Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS as well as the author of The Fetch Phillips Archives; a series of fantastical detective stories that has just released its third instalment.

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